Cindy L. Bethel, Ph.D.

Starkville, MS

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It is only when we are willing to explore beyond our perceived
limitations that we can achieve our unlimited potential.

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10th IEEE International Symposium on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics (SSRR)
Published and presented a paper on the integration of unmanned ground vehicles with tactical teams. The paper was titled "Discoveries from Integrating Into SWAT Team Training Exercises." The paper was presented in November 2012 in College Station, TX.

8th ACM/IEEE Conference on Human-Robot Interaction
We published and presented a paper on the use of robots for interviews. The paper is titled "Robots are Misled by Human Interviewers but not Robot Interviewers." It was presented in March 2013 in Tokyo, Japan.

23rd SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing 2013 Conference
Published and presented a paper on the use of Long Wave Infrared thermal imaging for use with tactical teams. The paper was presented by my undergraduate student Ankit Arya and was awarded Best Student Paper for the Automatic Target Recognition track of the conference. The paper is titled "Multi-Kernel Aggregation of Local and Global Features in Long Wave Infrared for Detection of SWAT Teams in Challenging Environments." The paper was presented in May 2013 in Baltimore, MD.

Other Articles in Preparation
The lab is currently working on several projects and publications that will be submitted this summer and fall.

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Exploring a new research domain integrating robots in with SWAT and Tactical Teams.
We are currently working to integrate unmanned ground vehicles into SWAT and Tactical Teams operations. We appreciate the support of the Starkville City Police Department and the Mississippi State University Police Departments. We are also investigating different methods for conveying the intent of the robot to the human.

Performing interviewing research with the NAO robot.
We are currently working on research projects investigating the use of a robot compared to a human interviewer for gathering information. Our most recent project is exploring the use of the NAO robot to elicit information from middle school children regarding bullying. This project is funded by the MSU Bagley College of Engineering Think Big Funding! We are excited to explore this new research effort. Please refer to our HRI 2013 publication regarding the differences between human and robot interviewers. We are currently replicating that study as part of our ongoing research efforts.

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News & Updates

Just completed my second year as an Assistant Professor. I created and lead two working groups at MSU, the Robotic Systems Working Group and the Psychosocial Robotics Working Group. There are interdisciplinary groups that work together for the development of new and innovative research associated with a focus in the use of robots.



Currently living in Starkville, MS and working at Mississippi State University as an Assistant Professor in Computer Science and Engineering and as an Adjunct Professor in Psychology. I have established and serve as the Director of the Social, Therapeutic, and Robotic Systems (STaRS) laboratory.  My research focuses on human-robot interaction, human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, affective computing, psychology, psychophysiology, and statistics. The research focuses on therapeutic, law enforcement, social robotics, and military applications.